Team Jarl 5th in WC and 3rd in EC!

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World Bodypainting Festival 2007 took place in Seeboden, Austria during a very hot week in July. The festival celebrated 10 year anniversary and we participated for the first time ever.

80 artists participated in the World Bodypainting Awards in our category Brush and Sponge for selection on friday 20/7 and finals 22/7. Other categories are Airbrush, Specieal Effects and Fluoro Awards.

We are proud to be ranked 5th in our category and to have been appointed the second highest score in the finals, alongside icons like Mark Reid and our idols The Wolfe Brothers.


 The theme for Friday selections was "The year 2525".

The theme for the Sunday finals was "Chaos vs Control".

But before that there was a happening where you just have to be, at the medieval castle of Sommeregg, "Body Circus" - the coolest hottest party in the world! (Photo 1,3 Norbert Bauer and 2

World Bodypainting Awards is a competition where the artist with max one assistant (or max two artists) gets 6 hours to complete their creation.(Photo 1,2 Karsten Skrabal and 3 Friedrich Jamnig)

Photo 1 Daniel Seiwald and 2 Friedrich Jamnig

Photo Gunnar Lo Jarl

Photo 1 Karsten Skrabal and 2,3 Norbert Bauer

Photos by Danial Janesch:

After the jury consisting of seven experienced, well-reputed and succesful bodypainting/make-up artists has had a good look at your work and the result, you get an opportuinty to present your work on stage (Photo Hans Fantina):

After the finals and the awards ceremony a wild aftershow party takes off - and doesn't stop until the police says so.