Airbrush Bodypainting

The best touch to your Promotion, Event or Party!

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Airbrush is a technique allowing sharp edges and fine patterns, perfect for trade mark promotions and painted "special effects".

Below is a small selection of airbrush bodypaints.

What is an illusion in this image?

That's right, the "tattoo" isn't real but an airbrush temp tattoo:

Just like the shorts, they are painted with airbrush, making it possible to resemble a fabric texture.

Some more painted wear:

Peter Siepen's Glitter T-shirt, matching his flowerdecorated 60-ies jeans, airbrushed on stage during a party at World Trade Center, Stockholm.

Airbrush silver loose sleeves matching the dress and the makeup (UV-color on part of the painting creates a glowing effect on the dancefloor):

En totally glittering silver T with a saturn planet airbrushed with stencil and freehand.

Test-design for bartenders on medical conference:

With stencils it is possible to cover large areas or incorporate them in other designs. Allowing for e.g. trade mark promotion.

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